Three Questions About Replacing Your Business's Air Conditioner

10 February 2017
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The temperature inside your building can be a critical factor in determining whether customers and clients are comfortable coming to your office or store. When it comes time to replace your business's air conditioning system, there are several pieces of information that may help your decision-making process.

How Can A Zoned Cooling System Benefit Your Business?

Choosing to install a zoned cooling system can be a worthy expense for your business. These systems will allow you to set different temperatures for the various areas of your building. As a result, you will be able to minimize cooling costs by focusing most of this energy on the areas where customers and clients will be visiting while minimizing the cool air going to storage and other rarely occupied spaces. While it can take several years for the savings from these systems to offset their higher cost, choosing to invest in one of these systems can be an effective choice for those that are planning on staying in their current building for the foreseeable future.

Can You Limit Potential Disruptions To Your Business?

The process of replacing an air conditioning system can be rather disruptive as there will be no cold air while this work is being done and the contractors may need access to the interior of the building. Fortunately, commercial HVAC specialists can perform their jobs during the times when your business is closed. These services may charge additional fees for after-hours work, but minimizing disruptions may be too important to your enterprise to cut this additional expense.

What Can You Do To Upgrade Your Ducting?

During the process of installing a new air conditioning unit, it may also be efficient to take this opportunity to upgrade the ducting in your building. The ducting can be one of the main culprits in composing the energy efficiency of your cooling system, but having it sealed and insulated can minimizing any energy loss that stems from this part of the air conditioning system.

A commercial air conditioning system can be essential for ensuring that a large commercial building is kept within at a comfortable temperature when it is sweltering outside. If you have a solid understanding about the benefits of choosing a zoned cooling system, know that you can have your new air conditioner installed while your enterprise is closed and the steps that can improve the performance of the ducting will enable you to be a responsible and informed business owner during this major upgrade. Contact a company like R & R Heating & Cooling of Polk CO Inc to learn more.