My Fridge Is Spoiling My Food, What Can I Do?

26 October 2017
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Your fridge is one of the most important appliances you will ever have in your home. It serves multiple purposes such as storing perishable foods, cooling liquids, and slowing down the growth of bacteria.   

A fridge can last as long as ten years with the proper care and maintenance. However, like any other appliance, it will lose its effectiveness and eventually call it quits. Before you call in the appliance services experts, there are several troubleshooting tips you can try.

Your fridge sweats?

Check the temperature gauge. If it's set correctly, you may have a faulty door seal which will need replacing.  If this problem continues, the heater located in the door handle may be faulty and must be replaced by a technician.

Leaking water?

This is caused by a loose gasket which is the flexible elastic strip attached to the outer end of the fridge. Wash the seals with warm water and apply a thin film of lubricant.  

Unpleasant freezer odor?

Odor from spoilt food gets trapped in the freezer. Clean the drip pan, ice maker, and defrost the fridge regularly. You can also put baking soda in the freezer to eliminate the odor.

Water puddle inside the fridge?

The drain pipe at the bottom of the fridge needs cleaning. Clean the pipe with water mixed with bleach.

Bad compressor?

Compressors are expensive so make sure to examine them before calling a repairman. Unplug your fridge and allow 20 minutes for cool down. Then, inspect the compressor. If parts are worn, purchase a universal relay kit to replace them. Plug in the fridge again. If the compressor is still noisy, then it must be replaced.

Inconsistent temperature?

Ensure the thermostat is at the correct temperature and the fridge is closed properly. Also, vacuum the coils and evaporator fan blades.

Back of fridge is hot?    

Check condenser tubing which becomes dirty and has a tendency to run hot. Clean the condenser coils and cooling fans.  

Door not closing properly?

Pack items properly so the door can close and clean the door gaskets. Make sure the fridge is level.

Excessive ice in the freezer?

Make sure the door seal is tight and hinges are properly aligned. Make sure the fridge is not too close to the wall. Clean the vents at the back and below the fridge.

If your food is still spoiling after trying these tips, your fridge may need to be replaced. Do your research and shop smart.