When Your Freezer Is Cold But Your Refrigerator Is Warm, Here’s What You Need To Do

17 November 2018
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If your freezer is cold, but your refrigerator is warm, you're experiencing a common problem. Your fridge produces cold air in its freezer first, and some of that cold air is diverted into the refrigerator to keep it at a temperature that's safe for food. If your fridge isn't working properly or if air isn't circulating correctly, your refrigerator section is the first one to warm up. To help you diagnose the problem, here's what you should do when your freezer works fine, but your refrigerator isn't cooling your food properly. Read More 

Cleaning Out Your Air Conditioning Coils To Improve Performance

5 August 2018
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Is your air conditioning just blowing warm air? It's possible that there's nothing wrong with the parts. They could just be dirty. The evaporator and condenser coils on an HVAC system have to be cleaned out regularly. If you want to do the maintenance yourself, here's what you need to know. Cleaning Out the Evaporator Coils The evaporator coils on an HVAC system are located at the very top of most systems. Read More 

The Role Gravity Plays In Draining Your Washer During Repairs

18 March 2018
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In the world of home appliance repair, you do not often think about scientific forces. However, they do play a part in how you go about fixing your machines. Take your washing machine as an example. In order to fix some of the problems, you have to be able to drain the machine of water that is still present inside. Here is how that works, and the important scientific role gravity plays in the job. Read More